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Simdega District : Jharkhand

About District

Simdega District is situated in the southwestern part of the state of Jharkhand. It borders with Orissa and Chhattisgarh states. It comprises of the area, which was erstwhile the Simdega Subdivision of the district Gumla and was created on 30th April 2001. The district is situated between 20° 10 min. to 20° 40 min. north latitude and 84° 0 min. to 84° 34 min. east longitude. It consists of ten blocks/Circles namely Simdega, Kurdeg, Bolba, Thethaitangar, Kolebira, Bano, Jaldega, Pakartanr, Bansjore and Kersai.he population of Simdega district according to 2001 Census is 5,14,320 out of which 256985 are males and 257335 are females. The important places to visit in the district are Ram Rekhadham, Dangadi, Kelaghat, Ketungadham, Bandurga, Birugarh, Rajadera, Bhanwarpahar etc.

District at a Glance

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